Damon Smith

“Distinguishing Digital Schools from other market offerings are several key factors. It is premier in its position control and human resources functionality. Unlike other companies, this is where Digital Schools began its development. Equally enticing, the architecture is state-of-the-art. It enables multitasking with multiple screens/transactions open simultaneously. And it is extremely flexible, a must have feature for any business tool of the future. DS’s vision forward is inspirational.”

Damon Smith, Deputy Superintendent, Imperial Valley County Office of Education
(Previous Associate Superintendent Alameda County Office of Education)


“When Napa COE and Districts selected Digital Schools Suite|Plus as our new financial system we were looking for a system that both integrated standard schools financial accounting along with the latest in technology and accountability. The Digital Schools Suite|Plus met these criteria with its all web-based access, secure off-site data warehousing and its dynamic payroll/finance approval workflow system. We appreciate how Digital Schools has allowed us to be a collaborative partner in a community of users with a voice on how the system will continue to integrate new innovative functionality.”

Kelly Bucy, Director of Fiscal Services

Craig Schilling, Advisor

“Whereas most K-12 software companies began with finance and then tried to figure out how to handle human resources, Digital Schools got HR right and then built out a complimentary finance and payroll system. When you look closely at other vendors’ software you see 1990’s technology disguised with a web-based interface. With Digital Schools you get 21st century technology that can be quickly adapted to changing needs such as the Affordable Care Act.

Its platform and functionality are literally years ahead of the market and always reflect best practices. Lastly, as a former business official, I appreciate the fact that there are no hidden charges.”

Craig Schilling, EdD, Digital Schools advisor and
retired Assistant Superintendent of Business,
Glenbrook High School District 225



Linda Grundhoffer

“While position control and human resources functionality were compelling, what really drew me to the Digital Schools application is the architecture. It is web-based, with a graphic interface enabling users to view multiple screens at once, and it is built upon a highly flexible platform. This is definitely state of the art engineering.”

Linda Grundhoffer, DS Advisor and School Business Consultant

Salinas Elementary School District

“Digital Schools has created a new technology direction for districts and counties by providing, in a cost effective manner, the market’s most flexible, scalable, technologically advanced, easy to use, and responsive software for finance, payroll, human resources and purchasing. They define ‘leading edge’ with their premier software."

Jerry Stratton, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services,
Salinas City Elementary School District

Kings Canyon Unified

“I view Digital Schools first and foremost as an accountability application.  With literally every timesheet transaction captured in a date driven fashion and authorization required, there is absolute accountability throughout the district for services performed. With the first year of use, we saved $300,000.”

Adele Nikkel, Chief Business Official, Madera Unified
(Previous Director of Fiscal Services, Kings Canyon Unified)

Antelope Valley Union High School District

“We’ve been Digital Schools users for years. While I can say many positive things about the application and its benefits, I really want to emphasize how much I appreciated their implementation process and, through the years, how much I respect the DS Support staff.  It’s not often, if ever, that I send Godiva chocolates to a vendor.  DS Support is on my chocolate list!”

Kathy Jarman, Personnel Manager, Antelope Valley Union High School District

Our clients derive many benefits from the Digital Schools application. They include improved fiscal management, streamlined workflow processes and one of the most important, the actual return on investment. Included below are testimonials from our clients, demonstrating just a few of the many examples of how Digital Schools helped them achieve a full return on their investment: