Digital Schools’ Functionality

  • Gross Payroll

    Payroll is fully integrated with Personnel Management, Position Control and Time Management, ensuring that all payroll activity is authorized before it can be recorded. Late start and early termination compensation adjustments are automated, and the system streamlines retroactive pay adjustments. Extensive automated audits and controls significantly reduce manual data entry and streamline payroll processing. For gross payroll clients, Digital Schools has developed payroll data extracts based on COE payroll system capability rules. For net payroll districts, Digital Schools manages all aspects of payroll through retirement reporting.

  • Budget Management

    Budgeting cannot occur in a vacuum. Budget Management is based on position control and relies on time management functionality, which allows the District the ability to account for, manage, and control personnel-related expenditures, salary projections (including mid-year), multi-year budgeting, automatic and real time generation of salaries and related costs. Tied into this is the ability to account for vacancies (fed by position control).

  • Time Management

    Time Management The functionality delivers substantial savings in time, improved efficiency, elimination of paperwork and increased payroll accuracy. Electronic timesheets are also available with this functionality. Employees can interact with these electronic timesheets (see definition below) and the system ensures all data validation controls are in place to ensure only authorized timesheets can be recorded.


    Time Management includes:

    • Tracking employee leave activity
    • Links substitutes to absent employees and/or authorized vacant positions
    • Tracks all timesheet and payroll activities
    • Manages operational workflow
    • Manages electronic routing and timely authorization of extra work agreements and associated timesheet activity
    • Electronic routing and authorization of school business-related absences and associated substitute timesheet funding
  • Position Control

    Position Control is built on a foundation of both real-time and date-driven data, with an emphasis on authorization and tracking activity. All regular positions (including vacancies) are fully defined (calendar, FTE/Hours, funding, etc.). All employees are linked to authorized positions and all timesheet activities require authorization prior to timesheet transaction. By integrating HR, position control, time management, and payroll activity, the Suite|Plus position control functionality is the strongest in the market. Among the personnel transactions included are extra work authorizations, school business (conference/travel) authorization, tracking of historic personnel assignments, and substitute assignments. All activities and transactions are date-driven. (see definition below)

  • Human Resources

    Human Resource functionality includes:

    • Job assignments
    • Salary placement
    • Benefits
    • Deductions
    • Leave account balances
    • Tracking credentials
    • NCLB certification
    • Service History
    • Professional growth


    The HR functionality is fully integrated with our comprehensive position control functionality to provide real-time management of payroll and budget.  By bringing disparate employee data into a single repository, it streamlines routine employee management and reporting activities. By automating the processes that have traditionally been on paper and labor intensive, our clients are provided the tools that enable enhanced tracking and managing of HR activities. Enhanced tracking, monitoring and management of employee activities, provides the ability to meet regulatory compliance (i.e. ACA eligibility and reporting) as well as fiscal management responsibilities. Included in our HR module is electronic Position Control Action (PCA) which allows dynamic electronic approval and notification routing capability. Position Control Action is fully integrated with Suite|Plus position control.



The Digital Schools Suite|Plus reporting capability is based upon proprietary framework that enables clients to easily create any number of custom reports. These reports can be saved by the user for future use, and are in addition to over 225 pre-formatted reports and pre-defined data extracts in the system. User security settings are applied to reports, appropriately limiting user access to data. We do not employ third-party reporting tools.


ACA Eligibility Monitoring and Compliance Reporting

Digital Schools provides ACA Management functionality for determining ACA eligibility. This is based on integrated position control and time management data that tracks all actual and projected hours worked for all employees in all assignments across various measurements periods. This data is used to calculate average hours per week and per month, taking into consideration work calendars and using ACA-defined calculation methods. In addition, via strategic alliance, we provide you with the capabilities for compliance reporting with applicable IRS forms.


AB 1522: California’s New Paid Sick Leave Law

The long-standing Time Management functionality in Digital Schools is logically extended to address AB 1522 sick leave management, including eligibility, usage and payouts, providing a streamlined approach, effective controls, comprehensive reporting and plenty of visibility. The automated tracking of timesheet activity simplifies the determination of eligibility allowing districts to minimize their liability by choosing the accrual method without incurring additional staff cost.


Date-Driven Data

Key transactions (job assignments, compensation, etc.) include effective dates and/or inactive dates. The system references these dates when presenting data on screen, reporting on data, performing payroll calculations and/or aggregating budget data. This approach provides several benefits:

  • Future-based activity or transactions can be recorded when they’re known and the system calculates accordingly
  • Historical data is never overwritten and is always accessible (no offline archiving required)
  • Date-driven reporting looks at effective/inactive dates, providing instant access to past data (based on inactive dates) or a view into the future (based on projected effective dates)
  • Budget modelling and projections can be done without changing actual data

The much anticipated Mobile Authorization Application from Digital Schools is now available for download in the iOS and Google Play App Stores.


The new app will allow authorizes at a district, to view, authorize, decline and put on hold* School Business Agreements, Extra Work Agreements, Position Control Actions and Purchasing. This will give district authorizers the ability to clear the “Things Awaiting My Approval” queue without having to be at your workstation, making the authorization process quicker than ever.


For more information, or instructions on how to download the application, contact

Digital Schools’ Mobile
Authorization Application